How do I set up an account?

The main things you’ll need are a valid email address, signed agreements allowing us to print and distribute your book for you, and payment information so you can pay us to print and we can pay you for your book sales.

What formats do my books need to be in?

For print books, you need a PDF of the cover and a separate PDF of the interior content. Ebooks require an EPUB file of the interior content and a JPEG of the cover.

What do I need to publish a book with Woodbridge Publishers?

You’ll need a fully setup account (meaning you’ve completed all steps of the account setup process) and your book’s cover and interior files.

You'll also need an ISBN for each format of your book if you'd like to make your book available for distribution. We can get your ISBN as you set up a title with us.

Do you Offer any guarantees?

Please review our Terms and Conditions for details. Our crystal clear process ensures client’s security, therefore before proceeding with any order, we make sure we have sent a legal binding contract and a non-disclosure agreement stating the services you are entitled to and the terms and conditions.

What if I don’t need every service in your comprehensive packages?

Feel free to pick and choose which services you want from us. We can often reduce the pricing if you want to drop any of the service options. We’re happy to customize our services to meet your needs. You can get in touch with any of our online consultants who will guide you on the suitable service you need and the customized quotation.

What if I just want a feedback or consultation on my book?

Our editing and coaching services are perfectly suited for writers who are looking to improve their work. We can give input at whatever level of detail you’d like—feedback on the structure and concept of the book, critical review on the flow and transitions, or copyediting changes to the text itself. We can also address specific issues, as per your request, in our review of your work. If you recommend our editors will make the changes and improve the work for you.

How involved would I need to be in the process?

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you. You can opt to work closely with your ghostwriter, or simply provide them with basic information and let them do the rest of the work. This is your book, which means that you have final say on the content and it’s your decision how and when you give your input and approval. We’ll work with you to customize the process so that it fits your schedule and preferred working style. Although in an autobiography/memoir it is highly recommended to work side by side with your ghostwriter.

Can I meet and discuss my book with the ghostwriter face to face?

We do not entertain walk-in customers, we are an online business and the process is convenient with telephonic interviews and chat sessions. Meeting with the clients would affect the productivity of the team and delay the time. However under uncertain situation we meet clients if the order amount exceeds £30,000, to meet the special needs of the customer. Although, you can always come and visit our office and have a cup of coffee with us.

How long does Woodbridge Publishers process normally take?

The duration of the Woodbridge Publishers process is partly up to you—the author! Depending on your schedule and desired level of involvement, your ghostwriter will develop material for you to review and approve on a weekly or biweekly basis.

How are writers screened to make sure they qualify for this network?

All applicants are screened and tested. Their credentials are checked. Writers and developmental editors need a track record of published books that they’ve written and edited. Based on that we will assign the writer to the task at hand.

Are your services 100% confidential?

Yes, of course! Our services are 100% confidential. We will never use any of the information you provide us for any other purpose, nor will we use the writing developed for your book ever again. We have a very comprehensive privacy policy posted on our website, and we are also happy to send you a non-disclosure agreement. If you are happy and with your consent, you can leave a testimonial and we will use it on the website.

Do I have to give the ghostwriter any credit or co-authorship?

No! No one will know you had help with the writing process unless you choose to tell them. Our services are 100% confidential. The story we help you to tell will always be your story. You are 100% the author of your book. We do not retain any rights or ownership of your book whatsoever. Even if your book earns a million dollars, you will never owe us any credit or extra compensation unless you choose to do so. While credit is appreciated, it is never required.

I had a great/bad experience with the writer I selected. Should I tell the network coordinator?

Absolutely (in either case). Any writer who has several legitimate negative feedback reports will be removed from the network. Note: An editor refusing to work without prepayment or to do free additional work (above and beyond the scope outlined in the agreement) are not legitimate complaints; an editor missing a contractual deadline or becoming unavailable is. Because of the ethical guidelines of this network and the collection of feedback from network clients, legitimate complaints have rarely occurred since the company was formed in 2014. Please let the network coordinator know about your experience with your editor(s).


What things to consider before choosing a ghostwriter?

The internet is crowded with online editing and writing services, so it is really tricky to find out the best ghostwriter that do the job perfectly. Finding a loyal and genuine writing service looks like nearly impossible. Here are some things that you should consider before choosing a ghostwriter:

  • Price factor: be very honest, developing a good book is not an easy task as it takes several days and a lot of hard work. So, keep in mind that it also needs a good sum of money. Don’t be coaxed by affordable or third-rate ghostwriters.

  • Who owns the rights? It’s your idea and your book, so don’t give your rights to ghostwriters because some of the writers ask for partial rights. Be aware of these kinds of writers and don’t give your rights to anyone else.

  • Payment Arrangement: ghostwriters in installments. Pay only initial payment and pay the remaining amount if you feel satisfied with their work. So, contract a deal with the ghostwriter because it is the best possible option to reduce the risk of scams or fraud.

  • Who is in charge? Working with a ghostwriter is a collaborative effort, but you should have the final say on all content decisions. If a writer is unwilling to put your needs and requests first, then it will not be your book—it will be theirs.

  • Who is In-Charge? If you are working with a ghostwriter, it is called as a collaborative work. However, make sure that he write content according to your requirement and you are the boss for adding or removing content from the manuscript or book.

  • Should I opt a firm or freelancer? We advise you to choose a firm because they are slightly trustworthy than freelancers. But, don’t forget that there are several qualified and reputable freelancers. Most of these freelancers are overbooked so check their availability before hiring in order to decrease the future nuisance. With a firm such as ours, we ensure efficiency and deliver your project within the given time period.

  • Reputation: Check the reputation of the writing service by evaluating their writers, editors, and connections. Make sure that they have already worked on this kind of matter in the past or not. Always protect yourself and make sure that you are working with a renowned freelancer or firm.

What to do if I don’t need your complete ghostwriting package?

Our company provides ultimate convenience to our users and clients. Feel safe and free to choose our services because we accommodate our clients. We also reduce the rate if you only need fewer services. We will love to fulfill all your requirements to achieve your goals.

Do I have to grant the credit to the ghostwriter?

No! That’s why it is named as ghostwriting. No one will ever know that you got help in the writing process. Our firm provides 100 % privacy and completely confidential. We don’t demand any ownership rights of your content. Even if you earn millions or billions with the help of your book, we are not related to any kind of rights or extra credit. Be aware of some ghostwriters that require extra compensation if your book earns huge sum.

Are your services 100 % private?

Yes. We offer complete privacy to our clients and our services are 100 percent secret. We will never exploit your data or information for any other purpose. Our privacy policy is very reliable and comprehensive. We can also provide a non-disclosure agreement to our clients.

Is ghostwriting process time-consuming?

Well, it depends on the amount of your content and requirement. It is obvious a high-quality book takes hundreds of hours and several weeks. There are plenty of processes such as gathering of material, planning, writing sessions, and editing. It is necessary for the uniqueness of the book. A 200-page book will take 5-8 months to complete. However, we can do this quickly for you on your requirement if you pay a handsome amount.

Can I add my own writing? Will this help me save money?

Of course, yes. We will happily include and edit the content that you give. It needs little creativity, so if you are creative then you can write too and this thing also helps to save your money.

What if I only need consultation and feedback on my manuscript?

If you are searching for someone to improve and provide feedback on your work, then our firm also provides these services. We have a qualified team of editors and senior editors who specialized in this work and give their precious opinion about your work. We can also fix certain problems in our review on your request.

Do you offer research services?

Yes, we also offer research services to our clients. Our ghostwriting packages include this service. We have a team of scholars and internet researchers that will review your work and synthesize it.

Can I choose my preferred ghostwriter? Can I check the sample of their writing?

Generally, we are highly qualified and expert at matching users with the best writers. We can provide samples of our best ghostwriters for client satisfaction. We will make sure that you are completely satisfied with our ghostwriting services.


What is the major difference between heavy editing and proofreading?

Editing requires a comprehensive approach in order to capture the desired results. Proofreading and heavy editing both are the same technology because we used these methods to detect several problems including major content problems and minor errors.

  • Proofreading and Copy Editing: To correct the main grammatical and typing errors, we use copy-editing service. We only select perfectly written books for proofreading in order to remove flaws and errors.

  • Heavy Editing: Heavy editing involves in-depth revisions and review for checking grammar, diction, transitions, flow, style, syntax, sentence structure, and tone. If you are skilled writer, then it takes minor proofreading, but most manuscripts need heavy editing. We adjust the price on the condition of manuscript.

  • Preliminary Review and Analysis: In this service, we will provide you comprehensive feedback on your manuscript and also give chance to discuss your manuscript with our writing editing experts. They both read your content thoroughly and then editors give comments about your material and suggest how to improve it with revisions and analysis.

  • Developmental Editing: Developmental editing is a collective work of the editor and author. In this process, the editor assists the author in revising, writing, and planning your manuscript. It involves heavy editing and used for fixing major issues like character development, structure narrative, pacing, style, and voice. This technique is also used for addressing grammar and spelling problems. This service is best for new or first-time authors.

  • Ghostwriting or Rewriting: Sometimes new authors need assistance that wants something more than editing. In this scenario, we provide ghostwriting and or rewriting services. Ghostwriting involves authentic content while rewriting involves paraphrasing of the existing content. We will help you make new and original content with our ghostwriting service. In this way, authors can add volume to their content to their well-written manuscripts.

How can I find out which kind of service I need?

It depends on the level of your content and the clarity of your concept. Mostly, this question comes to our mind during the development stage of the manuscript. If you have a perfectly written manuscript, then you need only effective proofreading for the final polishing of your content. Heavy editing is great for initial drafts, quickly written or inexperienced authors. Critical analysis and review are best for getting feedback or comments about your manuscript. In this way, you will get in-depth recommendations and guidance that help you in the development process. If you are looking for additional support or content, we also offer ghostwriting and rewriting services that add depth and remove flaws from your material. You can send sample of your writing or material without any hesitation because we provide free initial review and analysis. We will also provide our expert opinion about your material and suggest the best services accordingly.

Will my editor execute the revisions?

Yes, we will love to implement changes and give feedback for additional improvement, but it all depends on you. Generally, we track all the edits and then correct the grammatical errors. This thing helps you identify the changes we made.

I have written a book before, but was not thriving? Can you help?

Writing process needs creativity and skill. It’s like an art that only a few people have. An editor is a must-have for a writer because he can track edits and collaborate with the writer to dig out the best final results. If you have existing material or manuscript, then we also help to make it better by evaluating it comprehensively and addressing all types of errors and issues. We also provide free book proposals and modified query letters in our ghostwriting packages. How to find a notable literary agent? Don’t fret because we will give a list of genre-appropriate literary agents in order to send your proposal or query letter. Our services are best for competent and new authors who are searching for a firm for enhancing their material. We have a professional team of writers, editors, publishers, and marketers that help you capture your publishing goals.

How do you help in publishing and marketing once the book is complete?

There is no doubt that the publishing market is highly competitive and overwhelming particularly for new writers. We will also assist our clients in this matter by providing consultation and support for hybrid, typical, or self-publishing houses. We offer query letters or proposals in our different ghostwriting packages without any cost. This tool will help you advertise and market your book to publishers and literary agents. We will also help you find the best literary agent of different genres for sending your proposal or customized query letter.

What will I get with my Interior Book Design?

The ebook-ready and print-ready files you need to distribute your book both online and in print.

What do I need to prepare for my Interior book design project?

You'll need to provide your final manuscript, the genre of your book, plus a rough idea of the styles you like so this can be incorporated into the design.

How much will the price vary?

The price of your project will vary based on the number of words in your manuscript and the imagery (if any) you'd like to be included. Once you contact the designer, you'll be able to negotiate price before committing to the project.

What’s the turnaround time?

This may vary slightly depending on the size of project. You can lock this down when discussing the project with your consultant.


Will you help me publish my manuscript?

Yes, absolutely. We will help you publish your book whether you want self-publishing or typical-publishing. We assist our clients in every type of publishing such as traditional-publishing, eBook publishing, print on demand (POD) publishing. In traditional-publishing, we will provide a list of publishing outlets and act as your literary agents. We will also work with our clients to develop a marketing strategy to attract buyers. In self-publishing such as soft or hard form, we will also guide you and offer the best available platforms. In the formatting and publishing process, we will always stand with our clients.

What is the process of discovering a literary agent?

To publish your book traditionally, you need to find a literary agent to send your query letter or proposal. According to some writers, you have to send your sample work to more than 80 literary agents to secure a literary agent. This process is taxing and time-taking, but if you successfully find a literary agent, he works as a well-wisher for you and your manuscript. We will help you develop a customized query letter and best proposal and act as your literary agent to help you secure the publication deal.

What is the book publishing process?

There are many options for publishing a book. It totally depends on you what process you choose. Traditional publishing involves various publishing houses and literary agents that represent your book to different publishing outlets request them to publish your book. This process can be daunting especially for first-time authors. In the end, you will find a publisher that purchases the rights to print your manuscript. It is a really time-consuming process and normally takes several months and years. Self- publishing is the easiest and popular nowadays. Just format the book and upload it on any platform with a cover motif. Now, it’s up to you whether you prefer self-publishing or traditional publishing. We offer both services by providing the right consultation and recommendations.

What is the major difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing?

Traditional publishing is time-consuming and overwhelming process for new authors. In this process, you have to find the right literary agent that convinces publishers to publish your book. Finally, he finds a publisher that agrees to purchase the rights to publish your book. In traditional publishing, your publisher is responsible for the final look of the book, publishing, and promoting.

Both traditional and self-publishing have specific advantages. Traditional publishing is best suited for potential authors because they will earn major profits and publicity with their book. Self-publishing is best for first-time authors because publishers don’t want to take a risk. So, they can just format their book and upload it on any digital platform with just a few processes. In traditional publishing, publisher can demand for change in your manuscript and you don’t get any rights. On the other hand, self-publishing offer more freedom and you can retain your rights. In short, traditional publishing is quite a professional method because the publisher is responsible for the marketing and distribution costs. Many new authors take the benefit of self-publishing to prove their capability and marketability and can get the attention of agents and publishers. In comparison with traditional publishing, self-publishing is gaining popularity gradually.

Can I send the same proposal or query letter to multiple agents and publishers?

Yes, you can send specific sections of your work to different agents and publishers. But, the most effective method is to send a modified proposal or customized query letter to more than one agent and publisher. It is necessary to clear the idea of your manuscript in your query letter to catch the attention of the publisher.

Do you guarantee that my book will be published?

In self-publishing, we will guarantee that your book will be published. You will also get a copy of your book and we also submit it on Kindle, Amazon, and other eBook platforms for sale. In traditional publishing, we will support and guide you in this process by providing a comprehensive list of genre-appropriate publishers that help you publish your book and also take responsibility for marketing and distributing your book and you will easily get your goals but will not guarantee what the publishers responsibilities are.


How many book will I sell as a result of a book marketing campaign?

There is not a reliable way to predict book sales. With variables out of anyone’s control, such as media reaction to a book and author performance on interviews, predicting book or e-book sales is not precise. However, reputable marketing firms like ours only take on books that they believe, based on experience, have good potential for media coverage, which is the key to sparking book sales.

If I need Consulting rather than a full campaign, can Woodbridge Publishers help?

Yes! We offer consulting services for authors at various stages of the publishing process. It can include support in developing a pre- and post-publication plan for the long haul, team brainstorming for book titles and cover designs, advice on website content, Amazon optimization, assistance with Goodreads and other book support services, and many other areas where authors may need help.

Can you get me (author) interviewed on The Today show or other major national shows
or an Article review in New York Times?

The Today Show and other morning and daytime talk/news shows are inundated with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of publicist pitches and books every day. However, the fact is we’ve placed both self-published and traditional authors on these shows numerous times. It’s never easy to get an author on a national TV show, but if your book is a good fit for a major show, we will make every effort to interest its producers. Big things happen for our authors every day.

Do you promote Controversial Books?

Typically, yes. The controversy is often helpful to publicity. It sparks debate, makes for exciting interviews, and can help a book stand out from the crowd. However, we do not promote books that contain hateful messages, encourage violence, etc.

My book is Self-published, is that a problem?

Absolutely not. We have more experience promoting self-published books than any other agency in the publishing industry. We were one of the first book publicity agencies to work with e-book, only self-published books, and e-book publishers.

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