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How Much Does a Ghostwriter Cost in the UK? – Spilling the Ghost Beans!

How Much Does a Ghostwriter Cost in the UK

Have you ever wondered what having a ghost do your writing costs? No need to call the Ghostbusters – we’re here to divulge the spooky details on UK ghostwriting fees!

Those who have started their careers in the publishing and writing industries are likely to be familiar with phrases that many others are not. Among the most common, yet occasionally overlooked, jobs nowadays is ghostwriting.

Professional authors, known as ghostwriters, write on your behalf so you can concentrate on your primary activities. These driven, aspirational writers devote their cerebral efforts to producing content for blogs, websites, advertising campaigns, and even e-books. After receiving money from the client, the writer transfers the task according to the predetermined criteria. In light of this backdrop, statistics indicate that sales of the UK publishing industry in 2019 were £6.9 billion. And the figure seems to rise every year. How much, though, does hiring a ghostwriter cost? This one is among the most frequently asked questions.

How much hiring a ghostwriter would cost may not be evident because prices vary greatly based on the type of content, the writer’s experience and background, and the specific requirements of your project. Every kind of ghostwriting—from blogging and web content to book writing and press releases—has unique factors to consider and cost structures.

This blog will provide insight into various factors that affect ghostwriting costs and let you review typical rates for different types of ghostwriting. Explore all you need to know about the price of hiring a ghostwriter by reading on. Continue scrolling to learn more about how much ghostwriters charge in the United Kingdom. So, let us get right to it and walk you through the cost of ghostwriting before you employ one.

How Much Do Ghostwriters Charge: According to Different Types of Ghostwriters

How Much Do Ghostwriters Charge

High-tier ghostwriters, especially those who have established themselves in specific niches or boast outstanding portfolios, might charge high prices that reflect their competence. The cost is also influenced by the content’s complexity and the assignment’s scope.

Understanding these details will enable you to decide wisely whether to hire a ghostwriter. Here is the breakdown of charges for various types of ghostwriting:

Ghostwriting Types Typical Charges Factors Influencing Prices
Web Content Ghostwriting £0.10 - £0.50 per word Word count, level of complexity, SEO requirements
Blogging Ghostwriting £0.05 - £0.30 per word Post length, frequency, research depth
Book Ghostwriting £5,001 and £50,000+ per book Printed books costs may vary based on their size and quality
Article Ghostwriting £0.10 - £1.00 per word Word count, complexity, required research
Press Release Ghostwriting £150 - £500+ per release Length, media targeting, urgency
Email Newsletter Ghostwriting £100 - £500 per newsletter Length, frequency, and customization
Biography Ghostwriting £10,000 - £50,000+ per biography Length, degree of detail, interviews needed
Academic and Business Writing $0.20 - £2.00 per word Complexity, subject matter, length
Speech Ghostwriting £500 - £5,000+ per speech Occasion, length, speaker’s style

You might wonder who sets these prices and how ghostwriters decide the costs.

How Much Does a Ghostwriter in the UK Cost? Based on Experience and Expertise

In the UK, the rates of ghostwriting services vary significantly based on the type of ghostwriter engaged. Customers must consider their particular requirements, budget limits, and the level of quality they require.

Whether choosing the high-end expertise of an experienced ghostwriter, a mid-level professional’s balanced approach, or a novice’s affordable services, understanding these differences helps make a smart decision.

Agencies provide an organized and reliable solution that accommodates various customer preferences and project needs, while freelance ghostwriters offer flexibility.

By aligning the requirements of your project with the right type of ghostwriter, you can successfully manage ghostwriting expenses and achieve the results you want,

Here, we will go over the usual ghostwriter fees associated with different types of ghostwriters: experienced, mid-level, novice, freelancing, and ghostwriting firms or agencies.

Ghostwriter Types and Charges
Ghostwriter Type Charges Cost Factors Suitability
Experienced Ghostwriter £0.50-£2.00+ per word or £10,000-£100,000+ for a whole book production. Their previous success score, client testimonials, project complexities, and the level of research provided. Excellent for prospects and clients requiring top-notch content for books, biographies, & writing assignments that require finesse.
Mid-Level Ghostwriter £0.20-£0.50 per word, or £5,000-£20,000 for a book. Their experience, the project’s scope, the number of tasks done, and the expected turnaround time. Perfect for customers seeking pristine writing without the premium cost associated with top-tier ghostwriters.
Newbie Ghostwriter £0.05-£0.20 for word, or £1,000-£5,000 for a book. The courses, education, relevant writing experience, and portfolio are present. It suits clients on a tight budget who are prepared to collaborate closely with the writer to accomplish the desired result.
Freelance Ghostwriter £0.10-£1.00 per word or £2,000-£50,000+ for a book, depending on their skill and the requirements of the project. Personal reputations, projects delivered, portfolios, and the particular project needs. Perfect for customers looking for flexible and inexpensive options and who are comfortable taking writers on long-term.
Ghostwriting Company £0.30-£1.50 per word or £5,000-£100,000+ for a book, depending on the project’s scope and the writers involved. The agency's overall reputation, the project's length and complexity, and the assigned writers' and customer reviews. Great for businesses and clients who want a guarantee of quality and adherence to deadlines and a turnkey solution.

How Do Ghostwriters Determine the Cost?

Many factors influence how much the project will cost.

  • The project’s cost is determined by the type of project for which you engage the ghostwriter. Let’s compare a well-researched thesis report that racks up a massive word count vs. a social media post with minimal content. We can all agree that the thesis will cost you more.
  • The experience of the ghostwriter is another element influencing the cost. You can ask them to provide samples and citations to support their claims.
  • Because they take the ghostwriter more time and work, projects requiring extensive research are typically more expensive.
  • You will have to pay more for a project with a tight deadline. The ghostwriters will spend more time than usual to finish the job on schedule.

How Much Do Ghostwriters Charge?

Anyone considering to hire a ghostwriter needs to know how they set their rates. The charging method is one of the various elements that can cause the ghostwriting charge to change dramatically. The most common methods are:

Charging Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages
Charging Method Advantages Disadvantages
Per-Word Charge Clear-cut pricing and easy-to-calculate. Possibly ignores the project's complexity.
Hourly Rate Charges Predictable costs, well-defined scope, and deliverables. This possibly results in higher initial quotations to cover all potential complexities.
Research Charges Guarantees excellent, thoroughly researched content. Adds to the project's total cost.
Preparation Charges Better results with a structured approach. It will cost you more upfront costs.

1. Per Word

One of the most prevalent approaches is to charge per word. The words used have a price tag assigned by the ghostwriter. Using this method makes figuring out the ghostwriting costs fair and accessible. The anticipated word count of the project allows clients to estimate the overall cost of the project.

Typical Costs

Typical Costs

Service Type Typical Charges
Web Content Ghostwriting £0.10 - £0.50 per word
Blogger Ghostwriting £0.05 - £0.30 per word
Academic and Business Writing £0.20 - £2.00 per word
Article Ghostwriting £0.10 - £1.00 per word

2. Hourly Rate

Ghostwriting is among many sectors where charging by the hour is standard practice. However, most people avoid using this method with ghostwriters as estimating the total ghostwriting cost is difficult. There is no definite way to determine how much ghostwriters charge per hour. It will need to complete the project.

Typical Costs

Typical Costs

Service Type Typical Charges
Experienced Ghostwriters £50 - £200+ per hour
Level 2 Ghostwriters £30 to £75 per hour
Newbie Ghostwriters £15 - £30 per hour

3. Per Project:

One other typical approach is to charge a fixed price for each project. This method entails establishing a fixed cost for the ghostwriting project, with certain assurances regarding quality and timeframes. Using this approach gives the ghostwriter and the client clear expectations.

Typical Costs

Typical Costs

Service Type Typical Charges
Book Ghostwriting £5,000 - £50,000+ per book
News Releases Ghostwriting £150 - £500+ per release
Email Newsletter Ghostwriting £100 - £500+ per newsletter
Biography Ghostwriting £10,000 - £50,000+ per biography
Speech Ghostwriting £500 - £5,000+ per speech

4. Research Prices

Some projects require a lot of research, which might considerably affect the ghostwriting cost. These fees cover the time and work the ghostwriter puts into compiling the information, ensuring it’s accurate, and adding depth to the content.

Typical Prices:

Research-Intensive Projects: £500–£5,000+, based on the depth and duration of the necessary research.

5. Preparation Charges

Preparation charges could cover planning, outlining, and first drafts. These charges provide a solid basis and a well-defined course for the project before the writing starts.

Typical Prices:
Preparation and Planning: £300 – £3,000, depending on the project’s scope.


Employing a ghostwriter can be expensive or cheap, depending on factors like experience, project size, and genre. Because of their expertise and track record, seasoned authors typically expect greater prices, even when less experienced writers may charge less. Clear expectations and honest communication with ghostwriters can help to guarantee a fruitful partnership.

Investing money into a qualified ghostwriter can improve your writing skills and enable you to accomplish your goals more successfully. If you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter, do your homework and choose someone who will satisfy your requirements. Get started examining the options right now.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the UK ghostwriting hiring costs?

Depending on the writer’s expertise, the intricacy of the project, the length of the book, and the completion date hiring a ghostwriter in the UK might cost somewhat differently. Though jobs needing a lot of research or a fast turnaround may also be more expensive, experienced ghostwriters usually charge more. Additionally, particular writing styles or specialized subjects could affect the overall price.

2. What should my UK ghostwriting budget be per word?

UK ghostwriters usually charge per word. The rate will depend on the writer’s experience and ability, from £0.05 to £1 per word. A mid-range ghostwriter can run you between £0.10 and £0.50 per word. So, a 50,000-word manuscript might run you anywhere from £5,000 to £25,000.

3. Do ghostwriter services in the UK offer various price points?

Indeed, ghostwriters operating in the UK can charge by the word, by the hour, by the page, or by the whole project. Books and more extensive manuscripts are often priced by word, whereas small tasks or consultations may be priced per hour. Usually, technical or academic writing is charged per page. Negotiated based on the whole project scope, flat project fees provide a complete cost for completion. Talking with your ghostwriter about these choices might help you choose the one that will work best for you.

4. Do UK ghostwriters need a deposit?

Before beginning a project, most UK ghostwriters ask for a deposit. Usually between 25% and 50% of the entire cost, this upfront payment guarantees their commitment and pays for the first phase of work. Usually, the balance is paid in stages depending on project milestones or after completion. Deposits guarantee both parties are committed to the project and protect the writer against nonpayment. Always agree on deposit conditions and payment dates in writing to avoid misunderstandings.

5. Can I negotiate over the price of using a ghostwriter in the UK?

Hiring a ghostwriter in the UK can be negotiated, mainly if you have set a budget or specific needs. Though seasoned ghostwriters might charge a set fee, there is sometimes some flexibility, especially for long-term projects or continuing partnerships. Respectfully get into discussions while considering a writer’s time and skills. It can be easier to sell your proposal and allow for any pricing revisions if you provide a clear project description, appropriate timelines, and evidence of commitment.

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