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How Can You Find the Best Editor for Your Novel

How Can You Find the Best Editor for Your Novel

The next task ahead after completing your book is to look for a competent editor. Before your novel sees the light of the day after coming out of the hutch, it needs to get refined to become a perfect finished product. This work is done by an editor who polishes your story and makes it more readable.

Editors play a significant role in the publishing industry. They review and revise the content before it is ready to hit the market. They edit the content word by word and line by line just to make sure there aren’t any flaws left. Editors strive hard to convey an error-free work that is perfect to the eyes of the reader, both technically and creatively.

So if you are looking for the best editor for your book, here are some tips for you:

 1. Know What Editing Is

Editing is not what you think it is. This is why you need to understand what editing actually is. Getting to know the kind of editing options available to you will lead you toward choosing the best editor. The types of editing you should be familiar with are

i) Developmental Editing: This sometimes occurs first in the editing process as it requires some heavy edits examining the main structure of the book.

ii) Line Editing: This type of editing refines every line in the text to make it smoother and even stylistic.

iii) Copy Editing: This includes grammatical error checking with punctuation and word usage. It also includes a recheck of facts and their consistency.

iv) Proofreading: This is the final round where the entire is checked for typos, spacing, or formatting errors.

By acquiring a better understanding of the types of editing, you will be able to instruct your editor about what type of editing you want.

2. Test the Potential Editor

Testing your editor before assigning them the task is better to see if they are capable enough. In this way, you would be sure of the skills of your editor to catch errors and enhance the soul of the text. Checking the skills of your potential editor will ensure you about their efficiency for editing. Remember! Do not just hire an editor without being safely sure that they are the one.

3. Pick Your Niche Editor

Every writer has a specific niche. Therefore, picking the editor from your particular niche will help you become an expert in that area. For instance, you will be able to ask better questions as you would know your research resources. So, you need to select an editor from your niche, especially if you are going for developmental editing.

4. Referrals and References

You can also ask, within your social circle, to refer you to an editor for your book. This is also a reliable way to find the best editor since they have been referred.

5. Try out the Newbies

In the middle of your search for an apprehensive editor, you might come across some freshies in this area. Hiring a newbie would be helpful for you, especially if you don’t have enough funds to pay for the most experienced editor in your niche. Give these new fishes a chance, and who knows, you might find the most talented editor who would even surpass the big wigs.

Find the best editor for your novel using the above tips, and you will never regret your investment. If you still face any issues regarding finding an editor, call the following number and get help.
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